Statutory Compliance Services in Payroll Management India

Statutory Compliance Services

In today’s era of constantly changing legal provisions – it has become important for the business owners to stay on top on these amendments and ensure that these are made applicable as per legal requirements.

What is Statutory Compliance?

To know the meaning of Statutory Compliance, we will have to understand the meaning of two words individually. The word Statutory means “in relation with rules and regulations, “and the word Compliance is “commitment.” So that means statutory compliance is a company’s protocols or legal framework used to deal with the employees ethically and professionally.

Statutory Compliance in India

We can be your payroll compliance partner. We manage your end-to-end statutory compliance in payroll; we keep track of recent amendments in statutory compliance, update you about them, and ensure these are incorporated at your end.

All the companies or businesses in India must follow all the legal, statutory norms to operate their businesses here in India. So, this involves avoiding harsh penalties, keeping updates about the constant rules’ changes, and a significant investment of resources and time.

It’s challenging for organizations to keep themselves compliant with the ever-changing labor laws. Especially for the small and mid-sized businesses, they need reliable services from an expert statutory compliance service provider like Finsmart.

As a statutory compliance and payroll service provider, we ensure timely processing of compliances and accuracy, which lowers the risk toward penalties.

  • Provident Fund (PF)
  • Employee State Insurance (ESI)
  • Professional Tax (PT)
  • Labour Welfare Fund (LWF)

Regional and local expertise, ethical practices, error-free data and support during inspections & assessments assure a satisfied service lineup for our clients.

Checklist for Statutory Compliance

With a lot of new startups coming up in India, operating businesses has become complicated. Businesses are facing many challenges to ensure that they follow these categories of statutory regulations and mandates:

  1. Employment laws
  2. Income Tax laws
  3. Labor laws
  4. Companies Act
  5. Industry-specific laws
  6. Advertising laws
  7. Data privacy
  8. Intellectual property rights
  9. Foreign Exchange and Management laws

These are just the top-level laws. They have many acts under them, which are all covered in our HR statutory compliance services.

Benefits of Statutory Compliance

A company or a business will never want to be on the wrong side of the law. However, not following the statutory compliances often hampers the business growth since most of your Vendors and Business Partners look for law-abiding companies for a business relationship. 

Therefore, here are a few benefits of getting Finsmart’s statutory compliance services for your company.

1. Avoidance of legal penalties

Compliance with the statutory requirements results in the prevention of consequences like receiving regulatory notices, stoppages of work, suspension of licenses, discontinuation of directors, paying penalties, and sometimes resulting in the company’s complete shutdown. Having experts like us handle your statutory compliance services can keep you away from all these unfortunate events and legal penalties.

2. Quality Improvement

The quality of the business products and services is going to improve when they adhere to statutory compliance. The business can focus more on increasing the necessary means to grow the business rather than spending time and resources paying penalties for non-compliance.

Also, the top-level management is free from all the apparent risks that can emerge due to non-compliance. Adhering to statutory compliance also helps businesses avoid failures and leads to greater business operations efficiency, improving the service or product quality.

3. Improved business opportunities

Most Business Partners, Vendors, and customers want to deal with companies who are compliant and are ethical. If you invest in a quality compliance management service company like Finsmart, we can help you remain compliant with the governing statutory laws. Thus, it can result in attracting more investments and business prospects.

4. Brand loyalty

Organizations that follow statutory compliance are one of the favorites of the big investors and stakeholders. This is one of the first things that they think of before investing in the business. Also, complying with all the laws results in businesses showing that they are intended to operate fairly and transparently. This results in earning loyal employees, inventors, and also helps in strengthening the brand’s loyalty and authority.

5. Improved business relations

A fully compliant company always benefits from better public & business relations. In addition, having the HR department compliant assures better employees, stakeholders, and customers as they will always be confident that the company will adhere to high ethical practices.

6. Higher Employee Retention

Having statutory compliance in payroll or the HR services ensures timely compliances and accuracy, lowering the risks towards the penalties and following the Provident Fund, ESI (Employee State Insurance), Professional Tax, and Labor Welfare Fund. This results in employees working in a healthy work environment. In addition, such employees make the company’s employee retention higher.

Risk of non-compliance

Here are a few risks that provide the fundamental reasons that why a company should not take statutory compliance lightly:

1. Heavy financial penalties

Failing to adhere to statutory compliances often results in heavy fines and heavy direct and indirect financial losses to the organizations.

2. Unnecessary audits and surveys

Non-Compliance results in invites to unnecessary lengthy audits. These audits may sometimes last for days resulting in a waste of time as well as money.

3. Decrease in brand value and market reputation

With digital media spreading news like wildfire, the news of your organization paying hefty fines due to non-compliance can significantly hurt your market brand value and your reputation and goodwill.

4. Disruption or, in extreme cases, forced shut down of the company

There are many cases where the businesses exhibited perilous non-compliance, and the authorities had to shut down the companies and cease their operations.

Having statutory compliance services from an experienced firm like Finsmart can ensure that you maintain proper statutory compliance. Our clients find that our statutory compliance services are best in all aspects of India’s statutes and labor laws.

Why Outsource Statutory Compliance Services to Finsmart?

Outsourcing Statutory Compliance services mean hiring third-party or offshore compliance services providers rather than having an in-house compliance team.

Since every organization has to run as per the rules and regulations irrespective of where they operate, to achieve all the standard Statutory Compliance is necessary. We at Finsmart ensure that your organization fulfils all the necessary legal obligations.

This means that Finsmart will be the remote agency responsible for getting all the safety means and health requirements. Finsmart also ensures that all the workers and labourers get their entitled salaries and keep the workplace happy. We also ensure that all the necessary law changes are considered and proper functionality is followed.

In recent years, the demand for compliance has increased significantly, which has raised the cost of maintaining the in-house compliance infrastructure.

Therefore, many companies are opting for outsourcing their compliance services to cost-effective companies like Finsmart.


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Our clients have always trusted our expertise in statutory compliance and payroll service. Here’s they shared experience about our statutory compliance services.
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The main challenge in appointing statutory compliance and payroll service providers is the knowledge on different software’s. Over period of time we have developed capabilities to work on different ERP platforms like QuickBooks, QuickBooks Online, Xero, Sales force, ZOHO, Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Time maker etc. including customer’s customized software’s.
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Finsmart Solutions is advance technology statutory compliance and payroll service providers in India as we works with a variety of cloud add-ons to provide you with world-class service in accounting. Our expertise helps our clients to outsource statutory compliance services from any part of the world.
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How does Outsourced Accounting work with Finsmart Solutions?

With new technology, working as your virtual/outsourced accountant/partner has become simple. You can opt for any of the following delivery models: Remote, Visit Based Or Dedicated Resource and we would be able to customize the solution accordingly. Our team is well trained to work on the accounting software of your preference ensure deliveries are met as per the set date plans.

What time zone you work in?

We have the flexibility to work in any time zone as preferred by the client, be it real-time, overlapping time or offshore time.

What is your cancellation policy? What if I prepaid for the year?

We want you to work with Finsmart Solutions because you’re happy with the service, not because you signed a contract. You can cancel anytime with one month notice period

Can I speak to someone who has or is working with you?

Yes of course! We want you to be sure that you are making right decision by choosing us and hence we would be glad to share our references with whom we are working with.
However this can be done post our initial discussions about your service requirements and our proposed service offering.

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