Outsourced Payroll Processing and Compliance Services

At Finsmart Solutions we assist you with end to end payroll processing and compliance

  •    Processing of employee payroll and preparation of bank transfer               letter for online credit of salaries
  •    Monthly  calculation of TDS,PF,PT and other payroll related statutory         liabilities
  •    Monthly Distribution of payslip and tax computation sheet
  •    Final Settlement in case of left employees
  •    Quarterly filing of Salary ETDS return
  •    Preparation of payroll reports  and annual Issue of Form 16
  •    Web based employee self-service portal
  •    Handling of Payroll related compliances on monthly basis

Pain Areas Addressed

  • Staff is not updated on recent amendments and does calculation mistakes
  • Dependence on an employee for payroll even if they are on leave
  • Maintaining Payroll data confidentiality
  • Tax consultation for high salary employees
  • No payroll processing expertise